Ashy bo' Bashy (x0prettynpink0x) wrote in preppy__kiss,
Ashy bo' Bashy

Age: 16
Sexuality: I prefer males
School (public,private & grade): Private;10th grade

our uniform...
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Background/Family culture: Italian and Irish

Forrest Gump, Uptown Girls, Mean Girls, The Notebook, Finding Nemo
TV Shows: Real World, The Gastineau Girls, Law and Order SVU
Stores/Brands: A&F, AE, Hollister, Charlotte Rousse, Victoria Secret, Urban Outfitters
Music: anything really, mostly country and pop and hip-hop
Color: green and pink
Food:chicken fingers, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Seafood, Bar-B-Q
Quote: The hardest goodbye is when you know you won't be saying hello again
Outfit: Polos and jeans... love it
Sport: Tennis

Britney Spears:
i like her
Hilary Duff: like her too!
Musicals: ehh theyre okay... i like Grease
Fast Food: love it and would eat it everyday but is soo bad for your health
Gay Marriges: to each his own... not against it at all
Abortion: against it PERIOD. even in cases of rape because even though it's not your fault, you can still put the baby up for adoption and actually give it the life it deserves

Who is your role model and why?
My mom, because she works hard at everything she does and she is a GREAT mom!
What makes you a prep? Umm... i go to a Catholic School, I like Designer things, and i dress like one?

One random fact about yourself:
  i want to be on American Idol someday
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Post at least 3 clear pictures, NOT links! of yourself:

my mom and me

my boyfriend and me before formal


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